inReach Field Support

The inReach is amazingly versatile. This page documents the tips and tricks we've discovered and invites you to submit your own questions, discoveries and suggestions.
How do I test Succinct Data forms on the inReach?

The process for building and loading the forms is manual until we finish development. We’ll help you through this process so you can quickly start field trials. Send us an email so we can understand how to best work with you.

Is satellite really that much more expensive?

Compared to “essentially free”, the cost difference is noticeable. We mitigate this in two ways. First, we use intelligent form design to minimize the number of bytes transmitted. Second, we match the correct byte-based plan with the intended work to make sure you only buy what you need. Limiting unused bytes (minutes) is the easiest way to control costs. We monitor this and keep you informed.

If cellular is essentially free, why bother with the cost of satellite to transmit my data forms?

When there is no urgency to your fieldwork, the primary value of satellite is that you can transmit the data and forget it. If there is any value related to sharing the data immediately, the satellite option is best, and Iridium’s Short Burst Data is probably the most cost effective solution for “light data”.

Why did you choose JOOS Orange?

The JOOS self-selected when a few professional organizations specifically requested this product over the most widely sold alternatives. Since then, we’ve had time to test this product and arrive at our own conclusions.

  1. The low-light receptor IP does provide best performance.
  2. The durability and single unit simplicity matches our field requirements.
  3. Size of battery and recharge capabilities meets all electronic needs.
  4. Company’s culture is supportive of nonprofits. e. Product roadmap through 2015 includes significant new value.
Why did you choose the inReach?

I was part of the DeLorme effort to develop this technology for the first four years. So, nepotism has to be partly in play. The business reason is because I believe the inReach platform works like we need it to, and if it doesn’t, DeLorme’s Software Developers Kit (SDK) efficiently integrates other tools and functions.

Why did you choose Iridium?

We specifically chose Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) because:

  1. I can technically access this network anywhere. Politics is different.
  2. SBD only needs a few seconds of satellite visibility to operate.
  3. Byte-based plans enable light, nimble, and affordable use.
  4. Transaction costs are measured in cents, not dollars.
  5. The Iridium community, including DeLorme and their inReach.