GizzMoVest for inReach

The Ideal Protective Case

Product Overview

GizzMoVest offers protection which starts where your ‘carry case’ leaves off. GizzMoVest designs ‘In-Situ’ (Use-in-Place) protection that stays on the device.


Why We Like it.

We chose the GizzMoVest for these reasons:

  • Easy to put the vest on the device and to remove.
  • Cover stays in place. Buttons are always accessible.
  • Ridge protects the screen – most vulnerable part of ruggedized inReach.
  • Dries in seconds, not hours.
  • Excellent grip.

It may be tempting to think about a protective case as a minor accessory. However, in the field there are no minor accessories. The smallest and simplest components have to work.  The GizzMoVest does this.

What GizzMoVest Wants You To Know.

How many times has a rigid ‘protective cover’ broken in pieces after a real-world drop to concrete? Thousands of times, and to just as many consumers who may feel deceived. Rigid plastic covers are for scratch and abrasion resistance, but are certainly not true drop protection.

Silicon ‘skin’ cases and neoprene cases are at the opposite end of the spectrum; They too offer some scratch and abrasion resistance, but are far too soft to offer true drop protection, plus they attract dirt. After all, is it really all that GOOD that your device bounces several more times on the rocks before coming to a stop?

GizzMoVest allows you to choose a better option; Not only is a GizzMoVest neither too soft or too hard, it is specifically engineered to provide superior drop and impact protection through these unique features:

  • Crush zones which trap air around the case and act like gas bags to decelerate (and return to normal).
  • Ethylene-based composites which are not as springy as neoprene (less rubber ball effect).
  • Most of our Cases have a grippy texture that helps keep your handheld from sliding off of the dash of your car, boat, or that convenient boulder next to you.

That same tactile adhesion also helps makes sure it stays in your hand in the first place. Silicon skin cases attract dirt. Our material only attracts your fingers and probably your friend’s fingers because they’ve never handled a GizzMoVest before. GizzMoVest is the real thing in protection. It’s a hands-on experience. Try one and see!


Succinct Data

Succinct Data is an end-to-end application that can be used on its own or to enhance existing survey tools.

  • Standards-based so anyone can use them.
  • Transmit data through satellite or wireless.
  • Data compression for a lighter payload.
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inReach JOOS Succinct Data

JOOS Solar Charger

The JOOS Orange is the most powerful and durable portable solar charger you can buy.

  • The panel is waterproof and even charges under water.
  • It is designed for use by anyone, and to continue working when anyone drops it.
  • The 24 oz “all in one” unit has a built in high capacity battery that enables direct solar charging when the battery is drained.
  • Recharge smart and regular phones, an iPad, Android tablets, MP3 players, cameras, and other electronic field gear.
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inReach JOOS Succinct Data

InReach Explorer

h  Tracking and Navigation tools allow field teams to locate each other, direct members to key locations, follow pre-determined routes, and to coordinate search and rescue events.

j Data Collection tools include a “Quick Collect” button, basic forms and connection to your own web service.

r Send and receive 160-character text messages with GPS coordinates to cell numbers and email addresses worldwide.

k  Connect your own Android application to the Iridium global satellite network.

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inReach JOOS Succinct Data

The Tools You’ll Need

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inReach JOOS Succinct Data