About Us

VasTerra helps you so that you may help others. Improving field safety and productivity.
New Map

It all started in 1983.

I was frantically sketching a map of the Connecticut coastline as we motored down the Connecticut River – wishing I had thought of this earlier. The resulting Waterfront map allowed the community to create a common understanding of the town’s coastal resources and how they are used. It was an important lesson in how  tools can impact success. It allowed the community to create actionable information from their field surveys and move forward with planning. The image at the top of this page demonstrates a similar outcome for a community of indigenous Filipinos. They are using data from a GPS survey to prepare a legal claim to their Ancestral Domain. Both these projects demonstrate that the most important part of choosing the right field tools is understanding the problem you’re trying to solve.

The technology at the center of this effort is DeLorme’s inReach satellite communication device.

This is collaborative with professionals across the globe. This website is meant to better engage the broader community in order to discover and provide improved tools and methods.

Please join us.

Our Promise

We will not duplicate existing technology that works. We continually survey the marketplace in order to understand what may be relevant to your operations. Our own technology development is meant to complement these solutions so they work better.

Nonprofit Community

Many nonprofits lack the resources to research and test new technologies. VasTerra will help fill the knowledge gap so that organizations of all sizes may make informed choices.